Flight Itinerary for Visa Purpose

Flight Itinerary for Visa Purpose

Flight Itinerary Showing detail of Flight Route, PNR number, Date, and time

What is a Flight Itinerary for a Visa?

A Flight Itinerary for Visa application is a document that provides the details of your proposed flight schedule when you are applying for a visa. This itinerary is used by visa officers to understand your travel plans and to verify the purpose and duration of your visit.

Flight Itinerary having PNR number:

A flight itinerary that includes a Passenger Name Record (PNR) number represents a more official and concrete stage in the travel agent and booking process. The PNR number is a unique identifier in the travel industry, used to store and track the flight details” of a specific booking within an airline’s reservation system.

Screenshot of a confirmed flight itinerary from Jakarta to London with a highlighted PNR number 5XIW9P, showing flight details including departure and arrival times, dates, and airports.

This indicates that the itinerary is not just a proposed plan for flight tickets but an actual booking that has been recorded by the airline. An airline itinerary along with a PNR number contains comprehensive information about the journey, including passenger details, flight numbers, travel dates, times, and possibly seat assignments, along with any additional services like special meal requests or baggage allowances.

A full flight ticket and itinerary includes information such as:

  • Flight Name and Code
  • Departure Date and Time
  • Departure City
  • Arrival City and time
  • Passenger details
  • Flight Booking Number/PNR

What is a Flight Ticket?

A flight ticket, also known as original air ticket or an airline ticket, is a document issued by an airline or a travel agency that confirms an individual’s entitlement to a seat on a full flight or travel journey on an aircraft. It contain e-ticket number.

Types of Ticket

  1. One-Way Ticket
  2. Return Ticket (Round-Trip Ticket)
  3. Multi-City Ticket

One-Way Ticket:

A one-way ticket is an airline ticket that allows a passenger to travel from one location to their destination without the obligation to return.

This type of ticket is particularly useful for travelers who do not have a set return date or who may be continuing their journey to another destination from their initial arrival point. One-way tickets are popular among those relocating to a new city or country, backpackers, and travelers embarking on multi-destination trips.

Return Ticket (Round-Trip Ticket):

A return ticket, also known a round-trip ticket, is issued by airlines to cover a passenger’s journey to a destination and back to the original departure point.

This type of ticket is ideal for travelers who have a clear return date in mind, such as tourists on vacation, business travelers on short trips, or anyone planning a temporary visit.

Multi-City Ticket:

A multi-city air ticket booking that is designed for travelers who plan to visit several destinations in one round trip reservation without returning to the original departure point after each leg.

This ticket type allows for more complex itineraries, enabling travelers to fly into one city and depart from another, or to visit multiple cities in a sequence before returning home. Multi-city tickets are perfect for extensive vacations, business trips covering several locations, or for trips where the traveler wishes to explore different regions or countries.

Are dummy ticket, Flight Itinerary and flight reservation are same?

A dummy ticket, often used for visa applications, is similar to a dummy flight tickets without reservation or itinerary. It is not a fully paid ticket but rather serves as evidence of your intended travel arrangements.

Flight Reservation

A flight reservation is essentially a provisional booking for an airline seat. It’s a popular option among travelers who need to provide proof of their travel plans, such as for visa applications, without the commitment of paying for flight booking or full plane ticket upfront.

This type of reservation holds a spot on a specific flight, displaying all the necessary details of travel ticket like flight numbers, travel dates, and itinerary, but it doesn’t guarantee a seat until the actual flight ticket is fully paid for.

Dummy Ticket

A dummy ticket, in the context of visa applications, refers to a fake flight reservation or itinerary that resembles a standard flight ticket but hasn’t been fully paid for or confirmed. This type of ticket is often used by individuals who need to show proof of onward or return travel plans, especially when applying for a visa.

The dummy ticket includes all the usual information found on a regular flight ticket reservation or actual flight tickets itself, such as flight numbers, travel dates, and the route, but without the commitment of a full paid ticket.

Why do visa officer ask for flight itinerary?

Visa officers request a flight itinerary during the visa application process for several key reasons. Primarily, the itinerary serves as proof of your travel plans, providing concrete details about your intended travel dates, destinations, and the duration of connecting flights and your stay in destination country. This information is crucial for visa officers to verify that your visit’s purpose and length align with the requirements of the visa for which you are applying.

Additionally, a flight itinerary, especially one that includes flight reservation booking a return ticket, helps to demonstrate your intention to return to your home country after your visit, which is a fundamental concern for visa authorities. It adds credibility to your application by showing a commitment to leave the host country once your visit is over.

How to Get a Flight Itinerary for any Visa Purpose?

You can get a confirmed flight itinerary for any visa purpose by:

Purchasing a Refundable Ticket:

One way to get a flight itinerary is by purchasing a refundable flight ticket. This method ensures that you have a confirmed ticket, which can be canceled for a either full price or refund if your visa application is denied or your travel plans change.

Reserving a Flight Ticket:

Another approach is to a local travel agent to reserve a flight ticket without immediate full payment. This reservation can often have reserved flight ticket be held for a period, giving you a valid itinerary for visa application.

For a hassle-free experience, you can use a trusted site like reservationpoints.com. They specialize in the airline companies and providing flight reservations and itineraries suitable for visa applications, complete with a verifiable PNR number.

Placing an Order on ReservationPoints.com:
  • Navigate to the website reservationpoints.com.
  • Click on the option for a flight itinerary.
  • Fill in the necessary details such as your travel dates, destinations, and personal information.
  • Proceed to make the payment for the service.
  • After your order is placed, the site will process your request and send you a flight itinerary via email, typically within a few hours. This itinerary will include a PNR number, which you can verify on the airline’s website to ensure its authenticity.

How to verify flight itinerary?

Verifying a real flight ticket and itinerary is a simple process that ensures the authenticity of your own travel itinerary before booking, particularly important for visa applications.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit the Airline’s Official Website: Go to the website of the airline you are booked with. Most airlines have a section for ‘Manage Booking’ or ‘My Trips’ or something similarly named on their homepage.
  2. Enter Your Details: In the booking section, you will be prompted to enter details to retrieve your booking. This typically includes the booking number/PNR and the last name of the passenger as it appears in the booking.
  3. Locate Your Booking Number/PNR: First, you need the booking number or PNR (Passenger Name Record) number. This is usually provided in the itinerary or reservation confirmation you received. It’s a unique code used to identify your booking in the airline’s system.
  4. Access and Review Your Booking: After entering these details, you should be able to view your booking. Here, you can verify the details of your flight such as the date, time, departure and arrival airports, flight number, and passenger details.
  5. Additional Verification Steps: If further verification is needed, or if there are any discrepancies or issues in viewing your booking, you can contact the site customer service from where you got it. They can assist you with any queries regarding the booking.

Which Countries Require Proof of flight itinerary while Applying for a Visa?

When applying for a short-term visa, particularly for business or tourism purposes, several countries mandate the submission of a round-trip flight itinerary as part of the application process for visa approval. This requirement is prevalent among the Schengen visa member states, where providing proof of onward travel is essential to visa requirements.

Additionally, countries like Canada, Japan, Algeria, Brazil, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam also ask visa applicants for similar documentation. This itinerary serves as evidence of your travel plans and intentions to return to your home country, aiding visa officers in assessing your application.

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